Inner Fire Flow Instructional Video

Please feel free to stream or download this 75 minute Inner Fire Flow* class taught by Marit Sathrum and Karen Erstad. The video has been optimized for using on your smart phone, so you can take your favorite studio with you any time you want!

Part 1: Standing Series with Marit Sathrum

Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download

Part 2: Floor Series with Karen Erstad

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*Inner Fire Flow is a moderately paced flow yoga class with some longer holds and plenty of heat! Inner Fire Flow is a sequenced class — meaning it is always the same order of poses — which combines many of the foundational classic Hot yoga poses in the same order as in Hot Yoga class, with well known Power Flow sequences. Because it is the same sequence every time, it enables practitioners to let go of external focus, calm the mind and experience the moment to its fullest, connecting being with breath. It’s a graceful, fun and challenging class that includes music. An Inner Fire Flow class will leave you feeling strong, energized, cleansed and centered.