New Students

…Replace the noise of your busy world with the comfort of a safe, healing environment. Our supportive community will encourage, guide and motivate you to create a life of balance, strength and inner peace. Join us as we connect through the beauty of asana, following our passion for yoga and our expert guidance that will challenge you to achieve new heights of fitness in both body and mind.

We ♥ Beginners!
We realize you may be nervous about starting a yoga practice, but we invite you to come as you are — no experience necessary – and you don’t have to be super fit, either. Yoga at Inner Fire Yoga is for everyone at all levels. Our inviting community of practitioners wholeheartedly embraces this philosophy.

We Were All Beginners Once
Our teachers were beginners once, too, and they have an abundance of compassion for anyone new to the practice. The beauty of practicing within a studio community is that you can learn from fellow students, by observing how more experienced students approach the practice.

Your First Month
If you are brand new to Inner Fire Yoga, we offer your first month of unlimited yoga for just $30. Begin your yoga journey with any class we offer (except for intermediate or advanced level classes).

It’s Actually Easy To Get Started
There’s no need to pre-register. Just bring the essentials to class with you and sign up at the registration desk on your first visit to Inner Fire Yoga. You can make it even easier by getting started online:


“Inner Fire is more than a place to practice yoga. Inner Fire is a community of people who care, who connect through the beauty of asana, through the dichotomy of movement and stillness, and the joy of pushing past pain to catch a glimpse of something inside. In the search for ourselves we find our commonality with others who strive as we strive.”
Karl Harter (June 2014)
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