Scholarship Program

Every three months, Inner Fire Yoga will select TWO yoga students for two three-month unlimited-yoga scholarships. This program was initiated as a result of a generous donation by a dedicated community member (who requested anonymity) with the request that the fund be used to help a student who would otherwise not be able to afford to practice yoga at Inner Fire Yoga. Inner Fire Yoga is matching this generous yogi’s request by offering a second scholarship in kind.

If you know someone who would greatly benefit from a regular yoga practice at Inner Fire Yoga, but would otherwise not be able to afford to pay for a 3-month membership, then please write an email to us at and tell us about this person, and why you think they should receive this scholarship (see “Scholarship Nomination Questions” below). It is that simple (yes this person can be you). (Note, we will be requesting nominations for scholarships by email four times per year, and will not be reviewing applications at any other times during the year. We ask you to send email nominations only during the request for nominations time period. Please be sure you are on our email list so you will find out when the next request for scholarship nominations time period will occur.) We ask that the person you nominate will know in advance that you are nominating him/her, that the person has agreed to participate, and that he/she will be expected to practice a minimum of 3 times per week during the scholarship term in order to maintain the scholarship for the duration of the three months. We ask that you qualify these facts in the nomination. See “Scholarship Nomination Questions” below.

There will be two scholarship beneficiaries every 3 months for a total of eight 3 month unlimited yoga scholarships per year. One scholarship will be funded by our Inner Fire Yoga Community via donations to the Inner Fire Yoga Community Scholarship Fund. The second scholarship is donated by Inner Fire Yoga in kind.

Our management team, comprised of Marit Sathrum (Yoga Teacher and Owner), Elisa Pohlman (Studio Manager), Michael Hoefferle (Creative Director), and Kate Schmitz (Yoga Teacher and Retail Manager), will review the email scholarship nominations and reward the scholarships to the two people we deem to be most qualified. The recipients of the scholarships will be anonymous to our community: we will not publish the name of the scholarship winner, but we may publish the scholarship recipient’s testimonials (anonymously, unless otherwise specified by the recipient).

An email will be distributed to our community approximately one month prior to the expiration of the current scholarship term, requesting nomination emails with an expiration date on the period in which nominations will be accepted by email. Please respond before the expiration date for your nomination to be considered for the next scholarship term. If the person you’ve nominated is not awarded for the next term, the nomination can be re-submitted for the following term. Re-submittal for each scholarship term is required for continuing consideration for the next scholarship term.

You can help a person who truly “needs” yoga but is unable to pay for membership, someone who will experience the beautiful and transforming benefits of a regular heated-yoga practice, in the same that you have, by donating to the “Inner Fire Yoga Community Scholarship Fund” at anytime, simply by stating to the receptionist that you’d like to make a donation to the IFY Community Scholarship Fund, by “chipping” in a few dollars to the fund every time you purchase something at Inner Fire Yoga, or by adding a few dollars to your monthly membership fee. For regular members paying for membership on the automatic monthly payment program, you have the option of adding $1 – $5 to the monthly membership fee; these funds will go directly into the scholarship fund; just let us know at the front desk if you’d like to participate. These donations will fund $300 at each new scholarship term (every three months) to pay for one of the 3-month unlimited-yoga scholarships. Inner Fire Yoga is matching the community donated funds by donating a second 3-month unlimited-yoga scholarship in kind.

If you would like to contribute to the Inner Fire Yoga scholarship fund:

Scholarship Donation

Please send an email nomination to and answer the following questions (please keep to one page):

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The scholarship applicant’s name
  • The scholarship applicant’s email address
  • What is your relationship to the scholarship applicant?
  • Has your applicant agreed to the scholarship process? Are they ready to dedicate themselves, asap, to a minimum yoga practice of three times per week during the term of the scholarship?
  • Why do you believe this person should receive the Inner Fire Yoga Community Scholarship’s three month unlimited yoga membership?