Student Spotlight

15-7-1-jennifer-bosben-webJennifer Bosben
July 2015

  The best way to start my little story of Inner Fire Yoga is with a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the wonderful teachers. Thank you, beautiful teachers, for your never-ending energy, patience, kindness, creativity, generosity and humor! Under the guidance and wisdom of these teachers, I’ve slowly morphed from a tippy, twitchy, flopping and dramatic running-from-the-room at triangle and, again at fixed-firm student, to someone who feels calm, centered, meditative and loves the heat.

 I started attending hot yoga classes at Inner Fire Yoga in the spring of 2013. My lovely friend and yoga instructor, Hope, had been telling me to try out a class for a looooooong time. Hot yoga sounded not very appealing to me. My husband actually tried out Hope’s class first and came home telling me he KNEW I would love it. So, yes, I tried it, and yes m’am, I loved it. However, I was a big baby for many, many, many, months. I could not stay in that hot room, let alone focus in a pose. I was channeling my inner fainting goat. BUT, that Dr. Ruddy is pretty magical. During his 4pm Saturday sweat lodge I felt like he was talking to me when he said, “Don’t be so dramatic – it’s just yoga. It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect.” Ah-ha. So I dropped my expectations (and tried hard to tackle and strangle to death my inner critic…still working on that) and began to focus inward and on my breath. Slowly things shifted and changed. Now Inner Fire Yoga is my sanctuary, my church, where I come to ground myself, wring the bad stuff out, and hopefully, connect to my fellow-yogis and all of humanity in a kinder, gentler way.

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