Student Spotlight

Allie Dienger
January 2015

  When I first walked into Inner Fire Yoga I discovered a passion that had been in and out of hibernation. As a lifelong student committed to growth, yoga has been a mirror for me, a lens offering new perspectives. Throughout my practice, I am continually learning. I love the way a yoga class can call for a personal transformation, a personal shift to gratitude. Yoga serves as a constant reminder that we are all unique human beings meant to believe in miracles. I love walking through the door of Inner Fire Yoga because I so often feel that my whole being can exhale and just let life be. I do my best to show up as myself, unguarded, and ready to learn. Ready to breathe. Ready to sweat. But most of all, ready to smile.
Once I started on the yoga path, I wanted to share its abundance. Slums. Love. Poverty. Children. Sickness. Connection. Homelessness. I signed up to be a part of the Africa Yoga Project. Traveling to Kenya, Africa I completed my 200 RYT. Teacher Training at the Shine Center in Nairobi was where I learned to treasure life’s simply joys. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to teach yoga throughout Kenya’s slums, jails, community centers, and at a deaf school. These experiences taught me to expect the unexpected.

  I am beyond grateful for the teachers at Inner Fire Yoga that have guided me, helped me clear my mind and embrace the present moment. Each teacher at Inner Fire Yoga has touched my heart in a unique way and inspired me to continue on this beautiful journey that began with one single step onto a mat.

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