Student Spotlight

Marisa Roembke
November 2014

  I started doing Hot Yoga very intermittently 10 years ago. I can’t remember my initial interest, but was definitely drawn to the heat. I wish I had a story of spiritual enlightenment or an instant passion but I didn’t. Prior to the last year or so, I had never practiced yoga for more than a few months at a time for whatever reason; work, family, time. I have gone to different hot yoga studios in Madison, Tempe, AZ and San Luis Obispo, CA. We moved back to Madison in 2010 and I eventually found my way to Inner Fire Yoga. I started practicing at Inner Fire Yoga because it was convenient from work and home. I sit at a desk all day long and was searching for an activity that I could do regularly. I found was out of shape and stressed with work. I wasn’t finding the connection at the different gyms I was going to. I again started yoga intermittently, but with frequent excuses. Then I developed hip pain and was sent to physical therapy and soon I realized I could accomplish some of the same therapy through yoga. I knew I needed regular practice. I started going regularly, started feeling better and suddenly I was hooked. That was over a year ago and I have been committed ever since.

  I started doing only Hot Yoga. My work and family schedules change often so I have the opportunity to benefit from different instructors. I love going to different instructors because I learn different things from their different cues. My greatest accomplishment is in Triangle Pose. I used to feel a sense of dread when it was time to do the pose. It is still a work in progress, but I have made great strides. My nemesis pose: Standing Head to Knee. I try to approach it head on. My favorite poses: Half Moon, Forward Fold and Tortoise. They just feel good. Standing Bow is the most beautiful pose and someday I will be able to hold it the entire time. I also love it whenever I get an assist in class.

  I have recently started to incorporate Yin into my practice. I now want to step out of my comfort zone and try the Inner Fire Flow classes since it follows a set sequence and incorporates many of the classic Hot Yoga poses. I feel strong when I do yoga, I have increased confidence and a general sense of calm. It is not just the superior instructors at Inner Fire Yoga, but the welcoming community that make it such a great place. I’m always happy to see friendly faces in class that share the same passion as I do. I like that I can call myself a yogi.

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