Student Spotlight

Arati Shrestha
March 2015

  Yoga has been my life saver. Before yoga, I loved to do heavy work-outs as I was more conscious about my weight and building muscles. Weight lifting and running had always been my choice of exercise, but doing them repeatedly began to hurt my upper back. Ultimately, I lost hope in achieving a fit and active lifestyle. Not only that, but being a full-time hair stylist put a lot of pressure on my neck and shoulders. Finding my way to be healthy and active again, I decided to try yoga. I got a lot of feedback about yoga saying that my neck pain may get worse if it is not done properly, but after seeing the dedication from Gurus, all fears and pain were out the door. The Inner Fire Yoga instructors are so helpful with teaching me ways to cure my stress and pains. I have truly found my home. If I can’t make it to a class I feel like something is missing from my day. Sometimes after class it’s as if I am leaving my massage therapist appointment!

  The instructors at Inner Fire Yoga are my motivators in life. They make me feel like I am being taken care of. I am also so glad I introduced yoga to my family. They have really enjoyed being part of the Inner Fire Yoga community and spreading the yogi love. All my favorite things are now in one place! My yoga and my family! Inner Fire Yoga is such a welcoming environment, filled with lovely people. I cherish every moment I spend there. My favorite part of yoga is the savasana at the end, accompanied with the beautiful songs and chants the instructors sing for us. I’ve found my home!

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