Student Spotlight

Joe Kolafa
March 2015

  As a person who found a calling in very few sports growing up, discovering a passion for a physical practice like yoga in my 20’s was somewhat of a surprise. How gratifying that practice would become in my life was even more surprising to me. It was the physical aspects of the practice that initially spoke to me: the less haphazardly I found myself in the different poses, the more I found connection with the abilities of my body and my mind.

  It should serve as testament to their wisdom that every Inner Fire Yoga instructor I’ve been privileged to take classes with has opened my eyes to wonderful new aspects of yoga. Teachers like Lanie McManus will always hold a special place in my heart for inviting me to explore a more healing, subtle body practice. They’ve led the life-affirming journey I’ve taken on my mat and empowered me to embrace change, love, and the purpose of it all.
  I feel fortunate and grateful to share my practice with such a fun, dynamic community. I’m also continually inspired by the spirit of outreach at Inner Fire Yoga and would someday like to share the gifts I’ve received here with incarcerated and other traditionally underserved populations.

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