Teacher Spotlight


Erinn Mullan

What are some things Inner Fire Yoga may not know about you?
I served in Togo during my Peace Corps service, I have webbed toes and I strongly dislike 1/2 moon pose in the Hot Series.

Tell us about jobs you had before teaching yoga.
I worked at the DQ on Mineral Point Road during high school, was a short order cook during college, detailed cars at a carwash after the peace corps and now work at the VA.

What has been your favorite place to visit or vacation?
My favorite vacation was to Mali with two other girls from the Peace Corps. We swam in this narrow canyon with goats and slept on the flat tops of these mud huts and just stared up at the stars, it was amazing. I also loved Tuscany, Dave and I went there last September.

Favorite Films
Goonies, The Star Wars (with ewoks).

Favorite things to do in the Madison area when I’m not at Inner Fire
Eat out at a variety of quirky restaurants with Dave or spend time outside (hiking, biking, snowshoeing).

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