Private Yoga & Group Classes

Re-charge your practice and exhilarate yourself with a Private Yoga Session at Inner Fire Yoga.

Has it been awhile since you’ve experienced that “aha moment”, with the added flush of excitement and accomplishment, that comes from “nailing” a difficult posture for the first time? Are you “stuck” in certain poses or in your practice in general? There is nothing better than a private yoga session with one of Inner Fire Yoga’s skilled instructors to give you the boost you need. Return to the yoga classroom with renewed confidence and a heightened awareness. It’s the perfect way to Reach Higher – Burn Brighter!

To book a private yoga session, call us at (608) 661-0167 or email us, let us know which instructor you’d like to schedule a private session with, and we will forward your request to your chosen instructor. The instructor will schedule a time to offer your private session in one of our studio rooms between our regularly scheduled class times. If you are not sure which instructor would be best to meet your needs, contact us and we will help.

Privates offer us the opportunity to work with a student’s specific needs, which can be difficult to identify in a group setting. Giving the student the ability to ask for what they want and then giving them a few tools empowers them in their practice in both the group setting and home practice.

Yoga, Aerial (Campus Only) and Yoga Therapy Privates

1 hour – $75
1.5 hours – $110
2 hours – $140
5 one hour privates as a package: $325 (save $50)
5 – 1.5 hour privates as a package: $490 (save $50)
1 hour group class (3 or more) – $200

Woman Practicising Yoga

I was interested in yoga but in the past I’d found it difficult and was intimidated to jump right into a class. I tried a private yoga session and it was just what I needed. I was able to explore what I am capable of, learn about the different types of yoga and develop in one session the basics of beginning my own yoga practice. Starting out slowly and at my own pace has been very beneficial. I’d definitely recommend private yoga for anyone who is interested but not sure how to get started.