Teacher Training Testimonials

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the Inner Fire Yoga teacher training experience. It was truly well-rounded, challenging, and dare I say, FUN. I have learned a great deal about all things yoga, but even more importantly, I learned a lot about what is to be my own teaching style. I will always consider myself a student of yoga. With such a supportive, wise, and experienced group of instructors participating in the program, I cannot help but feel well-prepared as I look to connect with the community and share my vision, my love, and mySelf through the practice of yoga. If there’s anyone who’s considering becoming an instructor, but is unsure about where to do their training, just send them my way for a loving and glowing recommendation.
Thank you so much!
Sean Ward June 2012

Lindsay-AppelmanI recently completed the Summer Intensive Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training and would recommend it in a heartbeat to absolutely anyone interested in teaching yoga or simply looking to deepen personal knowledge of the subject. The abundance of practice teaching time throughout the training was really helpful, and left me feeling prepared and confident to teach.

I am so lucky that I had such an incredible staff working with me and sharing their knowledge and experiences. Each and every teacher truly inspired me in unique ways and taught me more than I could have ever imagined possible in just four weeks. Each yoga teacher shared various teaching techniques, encouraging me to try and find my own personal style.

There was an incredible sense of community within my teacher-training group. We all supported and helped each other, creating a peaceful, positive atmosphere where we could each learn and grow in a healthy way. We got to know each other very well during the training, and I have no doubt that we will continue to keep in touch.

I really enjoyed all that I learned from the training, and cannot possibly choose one favorite aspect. I learned an entire spectrum of yoga, from ancient yogic texts and the eight limbs of yoga, to the principles of Ayurveda, the anatomy of yoga, and the business of yoga. Inner Fire Yoga has provided me with a strong, steady foundation of yogic knowledge and has left me with a yearning to explore yoga even further.

I am so grateful to have had this physical, academic, social, spiritual teacher-training experience and definitely recommend it!
Lindsay Appelman July 2013

Erin-VanAlstineI would recommend the Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training program to anyone who wants to teach yoga or further their knowledge of yoga. As a mother of two who is rarely away from her children, I was scared and hesitant to do the Summer Intensive Teacher Training (even though I really wanted to). I wouldn’t change my decision to do it for a moment. Marit and Joan have put their heart and soul into this training program and it shows. I felt supported and understood from the moment I walked through the door. I was able to leave this program with a wonderful sense of knowledge and confidence in my skills as a yoga teacher. I also feel confident in the resources that I have been given and that I can contact the teachers who led the training with any questions that may arise in my future as a teacher. I truly feel that the Inner Fire Yoga community has my back. The summer intensive was hard at times and fun at times, but I feel the amount of knowledge I have gained in such a short amount of time was 100 percent worth it. The sense of community I felt with my fellow trainees and so many amazing teachers is irreplaceable and will always hold a special place in my heart. Inner Fire Yoga will forever be a second home to me. I am so grateful for this experience.
Erin VanAlstine July 2013

ally-hrkacI enjoyed every minute of the Summer Intensive Teacher Training program at Inner Fire Yoga! What a wonderful, intense, and rewarding experience – I would highly recommend the training to anyone who has a passion for yoga and wants to deepen his or her practice. I learned so much more than I anticipated, and the training inspired me to expand my knowledge of yoga even further. We had many experienced teachers who guided us in our journey and taught us a variety of specialty topics. As trainees, we had ample practice teaching time that helped us to become comfortable teaching very soon into the program. We also all became very close, and there was a strong sense of community among us as we learned alongside each other daily. Marit and Joan make a very special team, and I am so thankful for all they have taught us and the inspiration I have to continue learning and developing as a yoga teacher and student.
Ally Hrkac July 2013

We started practice teaching on day one, and I remember thinking that I might not be cut out for teaching as I stumbled over my words and described clumsy transitions. But being in the summer intensive, I was able to work on my teaching skills every day and over the four weeks, the many hours of practice teaching helped me to feel comfortable and confident in my teaching style and even made me excited to begin teaching in the real world.

Having a variety of instructors was wonderful because each instructor brought a different perspective and different experiences to class. Within the group of trainees, we were all very affirming and encouraging with one another, which helped me to stay positive when I began to doubt myself. It also made the training even more fun. My favorite part of the training was learning hands-on assists. I also loved our group discussions because we could all be ourselves and share our passions with one another. It’s hard for me to choose just one part of the training that I learned the most from, because I learned so much in such a short time! I certainly deepened my knowledge of yoga and further solidified my own practice. For all of these reasons, I recommend Inner Fire Yoga’s Teacher Training Program without reservation.
Lauren Barker July 2013

I just wanted to thank you for all of the time and hard work that you’ve put into creating such a wonderful teacher training program. I was thoroughly impressed by the variety of teachers and topics we were able to work with in such a short amount of time. It really shows the outreach Inner Fire Yoga has within this community. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I have truly enjoyed the program and will miss you a lot!
Lauren Stinson July 2013

Peg_photoI would highly recommend the Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training Program to anyone looking to take the next step and share the practice of yoga with others. I looked forward to every weekend of teacher training. Every session created new opportunities for learning and building relationships through instruction, workshops and practice teaching. Now that I have begun to lead my own classes, I feel fully prepared and confident as I venture down this new path in my life. The Inner Fire Yoga teachers and staff are not only very dedicated and knowledgeable, but they also create a great sense of community that provides invaluable support and encouragement. Thank you to Marit, Joan and everyone at Inner Fire Yoga!
Peg Trehey June 2013

It is my past experiences with traditional Western medicine that led me to yoga several years ago. I believe we all have a power that resides deep within us to take responsibility for our own physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. Along with a graduate degree in health psychology, the yoga teacher training will allow me to build a bridge between medical and holistic worlds by giving individuals the “tools” to do that. The yoga teacher training from Inner Fire Yoga has provided me with an excellent foundation in yogic philosophy, as well as theory and practice of asana and pranayama. Through the help of the HOT yoga instructors I have also learned how to find that balance between discipline and compassion.

For anyone interested in Inner Fire’s teacher training program, I would say if you have a passion for yoga and the heart to teach, Inner Fire will provide the techniques! My learning at Inner Fire has been both cumulative and instructive. More often than not the instruction was very personable, constructive, and encouraging. Many of the discussions with the senior instructors as well as fellow
trainees offered a new pearl, so to speak, to the topic at hand, which was not only intellectually invigorating, but mutually supportive.

I am so grateful to have been part of Inner Fire’s teaching program — a very special thank you to Marit and Joan for making it all happen! Each of the senior hot yoga teachers also provided me with their own nuggets of wisdom, so a big disco ball of gratitude to them too (Amy, Dr. Ruddy, Darlene, Karen, Kate)!!!
Stacy Ayers June 2012

I entered the Inner Fire Yoga Teacher Training program for a different reason than most. I aspired not necessarily to teach, but to be a student of yoga. Five years ago I turned to yoga following a running injury. The injury healed, but I continued with yoga. As I became a more experienced practitioner, I noticed teachers discussing aspects of yoga beyond the asana. I also recognized that I was making changes in my life outside the studio that seemed to be related to my time on the yoga mat. For instance, I was consuming less, eating better, and feeling more patient. My practice was affecting my choices, but I did not understand how they fit together. I wanted a fuller picture of yoga so I sought a means to learn. In law school, the professors said they aimed to teach each student to think like a lawyer. So I figured a teacher training program would teach me to think like a yogini, thereby giving me a capacious perspective on what yoga is and can be.

I searched for a program. Convenience was important as I have two small children and a full-time job. The Madison area offers several programs, but Inner Fire drew me to it. I had never taken a class there. I am a devoted Near East Sider so if I cannot walk or bike to a destination, I do not go. But Inner Fire has a great reputation, and it earned that reputation. Inner Fire also had a new program and was refining it after graduating the first group of trainees. I liked that combination of experienced and new — sort of how I feel in yoga classes, experienced but new. So I chose Inner Fire.

Overall, now that I am finished, I can say that this program offered an eclectic group of passionate and knowledgeable teachers. The instructors seemed excited to be part of the program and to have the opportunity to share their experience. I learned more than I expected to learn. I now understand anatomical terms, and, when teachers talk about santosa or the yamas, say, I am part of the conversation and have a base on which to add their insight and to seek my own through further study. In addition, I met the most wonderful yogis in the program — I cannot begin to show my appreciation to my classmates here as I will inadvertently omit some important event or individual. Suffice it to say that I miss them dearly.

And, although I do not plan to change my current profession, I teach yoga each day when I share my enthusiasm for it with others. Sometimes, I consider teaching yoga in a studio as well. I thank the Inner Fire teacher training program for enhancing my understanding of yoga.
Cathlene Hanaman July 2012

My mind and body buzzed and transformed during teacher training as I delved into yogic philosophy, asana, and self discovery. But now as I new teacher, I am equally amazed at the breadth of teaching opportunities that are available to me. IFYTT gave me the skills, confidence, and credentials to pursue the many teaching opportunities out there and to be a sought-after teacher. Employers see the Inner Fire credential and know that I am a serious and well-trained yogi – capable of creating a motivating and inspirational experience in the classroom.
Megan Kling January 2012

I fell in love with yoga a few years ago after taking a hot yoga class.  It was challenging!  90 minutes of pure focus and devotion to myself in a 105° room…WOW.  I was amazed at how calm my mind was, yet how energized I felt, after my class.  I was instantly hooked. As an avid runner, yoga has helped me build endurance, and to continue competing in races with very few injuries!  Yoga has also taught me how to handle stress better in my life.”
Adrienne is a recent graduate of Inner Fire’s first teacher training program.  “Ever since I started my yoga journey, I knew I wanted to share my experience with others – so why not teach?  I quickly found a few local teaching jobs here in the Madison area, and am excited to share my knowledge and passion for yoga to those who come to my classes.  In addition, I enjoy being a yoga assistant at Inner Fire – using hands-on assists to connect with students and inviting depth to their practice.   I believe that yoga can be life-changing and invite others to arrive on their mat to heal, learn to love oneself & others, and to break through the barriers of life that can prevent one from achieving their biggest dreams.
Thank you Inner Fire for allowing me this amazing opportunity to have been part of your teaching program – the time spent with the teachers & other students was a journey I will NEVER forget! Namaste!
Adrienne Pederson January 2012

I wanted to send a quick email to tell you both that I had my first “real” teaching experience today at Harbor. By “real” I mean that it was a paid class, not a demo! I had about 20 students, all but 3 were brand new to Hot Yoga, and I felt so confident and prepared to deliver a good, solid class. I realized when I saw them all in trikonasana that I had truly taught them the pose well, and it was honestly a thrill! AND, I really heard my own teacher voice – authentic, strong and clear! I guess I just want to let you both know how grateful I am for the teacher training experience at Inner Fire, and what an amazing job the Inner Fire staff did preparing us to go out in the world and share with others the gift of yoga. I never imagined that at 42 I would have started down this new path, and I truly appreciate and honor the foundation that Inner Fire has given me both in my own practice and now in my teaching practice.
Hope Henley January 2012

Since moving to Madison in 2010 Inner Fire has become my second home so I was thrilled to become part of their first Teacher Training program. It really is an extension of Inner Fire; a space to grow and discover new things about one’s self and what we are capable of. The skills that I have learned will not only serve me as a Yoga teacher but have also bettered many other aspects of my life. It has been so exciting to learning how to share and articulate something that is such an important part of my life. The opportunity to work with and learn from many different incredible teachers really helped me find my own voice! I found it amazing how seamless the transition was from student to teacher and feel like I have been given a great foundation on which to build a lifetime of yoga learning. Madison has such a thriving Yoga community which makes it an excellent place to find teaching jobs. The sense of community, the friendships, the wise and generous sharing of knowledge and experience from all the teachers have become an invaluable part of my life and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who has the desire to teach, or simply wants to dive deeper into their yoga practice!
Rachael Cameron January 2012

I would highly recommend the Inner Fire Teacher Training Program for a number of reasons. First, being able to earn a 200-hour yoga teaching certification without leaving Madison and my family made the program accessible. The fact that the sessions were on the weekend, spread out over several months, also made the program manageable. Finally, I was able to gain the experience and knowledge I needed to fulfill my desire to be a yoga instructor. I found that with the stellar reputation that Inner Fire has within the yoga community, I was able to find employment before I was even finished with the program. The Inner Fire Teacher Training Program was above and beyond what I hoped to get from a training program, and my fellow teacher trainees have become friends I hope to have for a lifetime.
Bonnie Raimy January 2012

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